Middle Dżemster with banana


Circa 280 grams of delicious apple–carrot–bnana muss with dried cranberries.


Dżemster – the fruit muss consist of apples, carrots, and banana with dried cranberries. It has a very little amount of a white sugar.

It is a great solution for a little something at work as well as during Saturdays morning when it just needn’t get out of bed. Thus it is possible to relish Dżemster’s taste in a company of a book and tasty tea or a coffee.

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Africana – the job lot of Dżemster with banana.

This delicious fruit muss was being created by the sounds of a black music. It tastes a bit more exotic than the traditional version of Dżemster.

It’s heart consist of apples and carrots but the banana has not a small role in creating a taste of this deli.

Dżemster is a great choice as a gift for your people especially those who avoid gluten and lactose.

Thanks to its sweetness Dżemster has the ability to create a wide smile on the face even the biggest grump. Sweeten the palate of the eater, Dżemster brings the culprit into the world of culinary bliss.


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